Rent to Own

Struggling with deciding if you should rent or buy? Why not both! In this crazy market prices are climbing, drastically. But maybe you can't decide for sure what City you want to be in, or maybe your job may relocate, and there are question marks everywhere! That is where our Rent to Own program comes to the rescue!
Let's Dive In
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Do you WANT to buy, but don't have a huge downpayment saved?

You may qualify for the Lease with a Right to Purchase program. This program is inteneded to provied qualified individuals who are not ready to buy today with a clear path to homeownership in the near future. 

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Making Homeownership a Reality for More People!

With our help, you can find a home in a community you want to live in and lease the property for up to 5 years. You have the option of purchasing the home at any time during your residency. You have the right to purthcase the home or the option of walking away without penalty at the end of your lease. Our program gives you the opportunity to realize the dream of owning your home. 

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The Process is simple and transparent.

The prospective household applies for approval. 

The household finds a qualified home. 

 Home Partners buys the qualified home, household leases from Home Partners. 

Household has the right to purchase the home. 

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In Conclusion

The lease to own program is a great opportunity to get in to the home of your choice with out the big downpayment, just a small deposit. 

It is a program that works for people with less than perfect credit, people with a Bankruptcy or are in Bankruptcy. 

You have up to 5 years to decide if you want to purchase the home. 

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